Tuesday, September 20, 2011

To Cape or Not to Cape

This fall the major trend is the cape...Black capes, Tan capes, Short capes, Long capes.  I was all over this trend combing through fashion blogs and magazines was SO syked to go try one on today.  However, it looked horrible, I mean horrible on me!!  My sister who was with me literally just started laughing....sigh.  So, here is the question, do I keep on with my original instinct and go with the beautiful cape for fall outerwear, or do I trust the mirror and just.say.no???

Here are some of my favs..

Loving this Fur trimmed cape!!

The color of this cape would go with anything!

OmG! this cape is major!  The price tag is a bit to major for my liking...

This one from Nordstrom is perfectly classy!

Throw on some skinnies and killer black boots and this would the perfect fall outfit!

Like these! Swoon.

Michael Kors gets it right with these....
How fun are these!
Expanding the want list.... :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Meet Mr. Bently

Good morning!  I couldn't resist the temptation to show everyone my little bundle of joy.  Meet Mr. Bently.  His full name is Mr. Bently-Pudge, but we keep it short and classy with just Mr. Bently.  I've got my mind on what costume he is gonna wear for halloween this year!  Any suggestions??

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Milly. Enough Said.

The Milly collection is beyond... Just beyond.  It deserves its own post!  I'm officially obsessed.  I'm going straight to my closet to start brain-storming how I can re-create these looks.  What perfect combinations of color and class.  Oh Goodness.  Here are my favs... 
Whats yours??

are those leopard pumps?? pefection.



Fashion week Favs!!

I finally have a chance to sit down and go through style.com and look at the fabulous, swoon worthy, looks from NY fashion week!!  And of course, chips and hot salsa make this personal viewing party even better.... :)

Tracy Reese hit it out.of.the.park...

Loving the colors she uses!! So pretty.  So girly.

And now to an all time classic...Ralph Lauren.  Yep, the Ralph Lauren.  I have been obsessed with this brand from the time I could see those little polo horses on a collared shirt.  This spring collection was amazing.  I literally am gasping going through these pics!  Its cool to see the flapper look make a come back with feathers, satin, and sequins.
Yep, I gasped with love when I saw this too....


I know Michael Kors is the be all.end all. of fashion...however...I'm not sure i'm feeling his Spring 2012 looks :( BUT I am loving this one dress....

If I could pick on designer to wear every day, forever, it would most definitely be Carolina Herrera.  I have not seen a piece of her clothing that I did not love.
Wondering how to re-create this look.....

Jet Setter.

Perfect dress for a formal spring wedding!  (minus the ridiculous price tag!)


Gotta re-fill the chips and salsa....be back soon. lol :)

Party Party Party !!

So its officially eight days away from my husband's surprise 30th birthday party!! I am sooo excited to throw him a super special surprise shin-dig!!  We have secured the party room at his favorite restaurant, so now all there is left to do is pick the perfect outfit!  I don't wanna go too boring, but I also want to keep it classy!  Tell me your thoughts on this outfit work-up.... I need opinions!!

I'm hoping to start with a simple royal blue frock like this DVF dress!!  Then pile on the funky accessories!  For the tootsies, I think a great leopard shoe would be perfect!
This Sam Edelman  pump adds the right amount of attitude.  Some perfectly polished red toe nails would be to.die.for peeping out from these!  To hold all my things, I think a classic envelope clutch would add a sprinkle of class.  This YSL clutch would be PERFECT!!...minus the steep price tag! 

This outfit was easy to find in one night of online searching thanks to shopstyle.com and bluefly.com!  Two of my favs! 
Now I need YOUR thoughts!!  Some I have talked to say there is way too much going on, but is that ever possible??  You.tell.me.